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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Virgin Hares, Hash Golf , Underdeveloped Ankles and Twin Peaks

After running 55 miles in a weekend what could be better than a little 6 mile run the next day in Hook Heath with the Guildford Hash House Harriers?

We tee d off in a car park in St Johns a wee bit late (everyone had already left) so we knew we were going to have to run hard to catch up the pack. The front side of the run was going to be hard work with us being this under form already.

Scrum Muffin getting ready for the Hash in the car park

We set off at a very rapid pace led by Scrum Muffin (Claire). We both still had our full Greensand Way running packs on too. We had Scrum Muffins dad Loose Article in tow as well.  We started across the Golf Course in Woking following the flour trail as we went. I like running across footpaths that lead over Golf Courses as they always make me feel naughty.

Scrum 'tiger woods'  Muffin and Loose 'Colin Montgomery' Article Hashing across the Golf Coure in Woking

Loose'Colin Montgomery' Article not having a wee in public as that would be illegal
We chipped over small bridges and navigated through tricky bunkers and thought we could see the pack in the far distance. It turned out we were reading the green badly and we were much more behind than we first thought.

Scrum 'tiger woods' Muffin doing a great 'bail out' on Woking Golf Course

As you know I get very excited about type 22 WW2 bunkers on the GHQ line so I was pleased to get to interact with a new class of bunker that evening.

Little 'nick faldo' Pecker finds a new type of bunker on a Woking Hash

What we thought was the main pack turned out to be Under Developed walking with a very hurty ankle. The poor guy was surrounded by Scrum Muffin and I with our large packs offering our caddy services....

  • Walky pills for the pain?
  • ankle support?
  • little drinky?
  • Mars Bar?
  • Space Blanket?
  • First Aid Kit?
  • 9 iron?
In true hash style he didn't understand any of these things, only beer which we didn't have. We ran on leaving Loose Article with him checking he was ok. His handicap would be seriously affected by this mishap.

Leaving Loose 'Colin Montgomery' Article and Under 'Jack Nicklaus' Developed behind

As we aced our way out towards Hook Heath we crossed Blackhorse Rd and I was very pleased to find us running past Blackhorse Apiaries or 'Bee School' where I learnt to keep Bees with the king of Beekeeping and inventor of the Swarmbuster 3000 Jon Hamer !

Lee learns about the birdies and the bees here - Blackhorse Apiaries

Loose 'Colin Montgomery' Article caught us up again so I got the chance to try mirror posing with another member of  Scrum Muffins family. We gave it our best 'Smirror' Smile with a mirror.

Smirror - smile with a mirror.
We had a virgin hare setting the trail, that is someone who hasn't laid a trail before and so a number of the hashers seemed to be taking the piss out of how much flour she had put down. At one stage Scrum 'tiger woods' Muffin and I came across 3 arrows to show us which direction to go in.

Scrum 'tiger woods' Muffin narrowly avoids an oopsiwahli
As we entered the back nine of our hash we were still very much still bogeying. We ran on as the darkness came and eventually came across 'Twin Peaks' a new hasher we hadn't met before. So named as she is a Doctor and has things.

Scrum Muffin and Twin Peaks

We ran on and back towards the Golf Course again. We had a chance to do some Smollarding too - Smiling with your lit Bollard.


Eventually we got the sign that the 19th Hole was approaching and we were at the dead ball stage of the run. We finally got back to the car park about a minute or two  behind the main pack having spent the entire run near the back.

Scrum 'tiger woods'  Muffin at the 'On in' hashing towards the 19th Hole

We retired to the 19th Hole for beer and to discuss how well we all faired on this run. At over 6 miles this was quite a 'runners run' and involved a fair bit of running in the 'rough' (along busy dark main roads) but all in all we enjoyed it.

Scrum 'tiger woods' Muffin and I were also surprised at how well we had done give the mileage we had done the previous 2 days.

All in all we enjoyed hash golf and would do it again.

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