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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Happy Mondays - Pills 'n' Thrills and For Goodness Shakes

Not every run is some epic Greensand Way trail. Behind the scenes our group put away some serious weekday miles to build up our stamina and strength for the long runs to come. I know a lot of paths through the Busbridge woods and beyond, but any chance to mix up my weekly morning training routes is always a bonus.

It was on the Happy Monday this week that Claire suggested I run home back to Godalming with her from her workplace in Guildford so I said yes and looked forward to it all day.

To get into the mood for the day this Happy Mondays Song sprung to mind From a classic album called Thrills n Pills and Bellyaches

 I set off at around 4.15pm from where I live near Winkworth Arboretum and ran the 2 miles down Brighton Rd past the Godalming Sign

running into Godalming from the Hascombe side of town

I had added my very powerful umbilical dive torch to my running kit so that the dark portion of our run was well lit off road. As I ran into Godalming I couldnt understand what kept swinging round to bash me until I realised my dive compass was inadvertantly attached to it as well. I put this on my wrist for safe keeping, looking like a runner with serious kit overkill.

My Dive compass always points towards Ras Mohammed in the Red Sea in Egypt

I settled into the run and crossed the canal at Farncombe Boat House intending to run to Guildford by road.

The Weyside Canal by Farncombe Boat House
It was then just a case of cruising up the A3100 on the pavement until I got to Guildford. At a pace of about 10 mins 30 seconds per mile the run quickly took me to the outskirts of Guildford.

The Outskirts of Guildford
Its funny what you notice when you are running that you dont see when you are driving at 30 mph. As I ran past the ruins of the Abbey I noticed part of the hill leading down to the road had some great tree and cave formations in it.

The Hill under the Abbey Ruins in Guildford
I arrived at Claires Office after 1 hour and 15 minutes of running about 7 miles and waited while she got changed. We set off again as the sun started to set at around 5.45pm and picked up the Weyside Canal by the ODEON Cinema.

Claire running along the Weyside Canal near the ODEON Cinema Guildford

As we got out of the city the light dropped away and I got a last chance to take an ambient light photo of the Canal at a point on the path that Claire thinks is one of the prettiest ( I agree) .

Weyside Canal Sunset near Guildford

Having run this path a few times during the day its always a surprise at how unfamiliar everything can be in dark. On the last post when we were running the Greensand Way between Dorking and Reigate we came across some WWII GHQ Pill Boxes and we knew there were also 2 examples on this run so we stopped to have a look at one of them about halfway between Guildford and Godalming.

WWII Type 22 GHQ Pill Box Sign

Claire with a Type 22 Pill Box that made up part of the GHQ Defence line

Around this part of the run I had a major 'Shaun Ryder' moment in true Happy Mondays style. I started feeling very sweaty and wobbly and a little unwell. I put it down to low blood sugar but later that evening I got a rather brutal cold (about halfway through a Ukejam night when I was going to stand up and sing one of the songs).

The rest of the run was a bit of a slog for me as I didnt feel at my best .This is when running with someone else really helps and Claire gave me lots of verbal and physical abuse to keep me running.

When we finally burst out into the bright lights of Godalming by the Bell and Dragon I was quite relieved the run was nearing its end. A final burst of energy was needed to get up all the steps leading back into Busbridge and I was back at Claires house with a Chocolate For Goodness Shakes bottle in my hand and a posh continental biscuit . The total run for me was 13.4 miles (just over a half marathon) and about 6 miles for Claire. I then wobbled off home like Bez.

The Bell and Dragon in Godalming at night.

I enjoyed the run for lots of reasons, I usually run in the morning and on my own during the week and usually off road in the woods so everything about this run was a nice change. I dont normally run this far during the week either so I was pleased with the mileage. Hopefully there will be other chances to run home from work with Claire and I may take some time to find some other off road paths we can run instead in the future.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Hi I'm Dan

When I found out about this run I thought it sounded I'm part of it, I don't know what that says about me.

I only started running properly again late last year but I've been really enjoying it, I try to go every day during the week and then a big run at the weekend leaving one lovely day off.

Having this challenge to train for has added a bit more excitement to running so now I'm constantly pushing myself to go further and the fact we're raising money for a good cause makes it even more worthwhile.

This is just a quick hello, I hope to add more to this over the coming weeks.
My running soundtrack will follow soon.


Sunday, 26 February 2012

Pork Scratching Dust , Dolphins, World War 2 Secret Bunkers and Hairy Fishnet Armpits

Lower Expectation to Prevent Disappointment

When you look at the Ordnance Survey map for the Greensand Way between Dorking and Reigate it looks...........frankly..........pants.

No epic hills, no interesting features and what looks like an urban run through a busy town.

I was hoping today wouldn't be a big steaming pile of doody on the Greensand Way

After last weeks epic run through amazing hills, towers, temples and waterfalls and having woken up Saturday to drizzle I was mentally ready for a dull days running.

I was wrong.

Dorking to Reigate Map 7 of the Greensand Way
Comfort Break

We parked up at the foot of the Nower where we left off last week. Its important on long runs to take any opportunity to take a 'wee break' where you can. This opportunity presented itself in Nower Rd so We took it.

What ?! No Toilet Roll

There's No Place Like Home

Just like Dorothy In the Wizard of Oz Claire had NEW TRAINERS on today. A very fetching pair of off road Ruby Red Shoes. Its possible that if you click the heals together and say "there's no place like home" three times you get transported back to Haslemere......

Leave the City Behind

After some very poorly signposted running through town and over a hill we ran through a tunnel under the railway and out into open rolling countryside. Much more like the Greensand Way we have come to know.

Jump For Joy ! on the Greensand Way near Brockham

World War 2 GHQ Bunkers

As we ran through Brockham we found 3 different GHQ Bunkers on the waterways near the Dolphin Pub. These were set up in World War 2 in case of a German invasion as a last stand barrier to protect London (GHQ stands for General Head Quarters). Around 20,000 of these obstructions and light gun implacements were built in strategic places running from the Kent all along the south coast to Somerset. We found 3 of the machine gun style bunkers. Most are by key waterways or bridges that an invading army heading for London would need to cross.

Type 22 Pill Box in Brockham on the Greensand Way

Inside they are rather dank and creepy and full of empty beer cans. One of the ones we looked up had been deliberately blocked up.

Looking into the Bunker at Brockham on the Greensand Way

Getting out of the bunker is harder for normal sized people

Pork Scratching Dust

Fed up with sweet jelly babies on our runs Claire and I have been experimenting with alternate running snacks. Last week we reduced Jaffa cakes to a crumbly mass with small orange gooey disks inside a cardboard tube so this week I opted for a savoury option ....Pork Scratchings! I love them and they are packed with carbs, protein and fat for energy. As we ran on past Brockham I really fancied some. I think the salt craving comes from all the salt lost in sweating.

I opened the pack to find nothing but a fine pig dust. The running had totally disintegrated them. I tried eating the porky dust but my body went into shock and i had to drink about half a litre of water to combat the salt shock. It felt like I had drunk Seawater. Ill mark this up to another snack disaster. Next week we are trying Doritos.....or Dustritos.......

Pork Dust
Bird Feeders and Windmills

I'm a regular Greensand Way Sign spotter nerd so I was amused to see this sign converted into a bird feeder at a small cottage as we ran towards Reigate Heath.

Greensand Way Sign with bird feeders

As you get closer towards the Golf Course at Reigate Heath you can see the windmill in the distance.

The Windmill at Reigate Heath marking the Golf Course on the Greensand Way

When we got to the Golf Course Club House (our halfway point for a 14 mile run return run) we found convenient signs marking our arrival.

Lady Captain

El Presidente

The Return Route

After a traditional 'exposed hill top cold windy snack break' to leave us cold and stiff we started the run back. It was a good chance to look back on what we had learned today as I continued to cough up Pig Dust through my nose.

Snowdrops on the Greensand Way

We have both noticed that in the past a 14 mile run like the run to Gibbet Hill the first time was an EPIC RUN and now 14 miles is..........just 14 miles. I'm starting to get pain in my hips and bum from what I think is carrying weight in a badly fitting rucksack and so its time to consider buying the Osprey rucksack I have my eye on before next weekends first 'off road Greensand way marathon'

When we got back to the van Claire was all smug that she had a Chocolate flavour recovery drink (these "For Goodness Shakes" are really good after a long run for stopping the delayed fatigue you get a few hours after).

SHOCKOLATE gives you ABS !

I could only get my hands on yukky vanilla and so in protest waved my hairy fishnet armpit in full reckless view.

Hairy Fishnet Armpit

Next weekend is our first off road marathon and the weekend after is our first 2 day running event covering 55 miles (Half !) of the Greensand Way and with an overnight camping stop in tents. We also have some exciting news coming soon about a fourth member joining the group......

Photogenic on the Greensand Way

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Hash, Flour Power, Bunny Costumes and My Little Pecker

Monday night this week was the first time I got to lead the Hash with the Guildford Hash House Harriers. As the 'Hare' I got to pick my own route for the run. I chose the woods nearest to me because I know them so well.

I set off at 5pm from my house with 6kgs of flour in my rucksack and ran from my house to Hydons Ball where the route i was planning would run.

laying a circle in flour means runners must seek out the correct path from this point

I ran up Hydons Ball with flour in hand getting funny looks from people as I laid small piles of flour at convenient spaces all along my intended route.

As well as laying marks for the route you lay circles at various crossings of paths with multiple options. In doing this the front running bastards (fast runners) have to run down all of the possible routes for a distance until they find the next flour marker and shout 'On On' ! This also gives the knitting circle (slow runners) the chance to catch up so the group as a whole stays fairly close together during the run.

X marks the spot where youve been stitched up

You can also be a sadistic Hare and run people up a very steep hill only to find and X at the top denoting a false trail. This means they have to run all the way back and try again.....and yes....I did this.

Smearsing (smiling with my ears)

The sun set while I laid the trail which totalled 4.5 miles which is the recommended distance for a hash. I had my headphones in and had a great time running out the trail. When I finished back where I started at the car park at Hydons Ball I ran down to the Merry Harriers Pub in Hambledon where all the hashers would be meeting at 7.30 pm. I had 45 minutes spare when I got there so in true hashing spirit I relaxed with a nice Pint of Pilgrim and chatted to the locals with a pink bunny tail pinned on my bum and bunny ears on my head.

The Merry Harriers is a really lovely, friendly country pub in Hambledon and well worth a visit. Its a rare gem that balances good beer and great food but avoids the 'Surrey prices' . Its also got its portrait in the Tate Gallery in London! They are quiet on a Monday and usually take the chance for a well earned rest and shut early but they were willing to stay open just for us.

The Hash went well and I couldnt resist making part of the route along the Greensand Way . Scrum Muffin (Claire) and I got a great pic of us at one of the Greensand Way Markers .

Greensand Way Night Hashing
As the run came to the end and we got back near the pub the traditional 'On Inn' mark I had left near the pub had been butchered by Popeye. This seems to happen on a lot on hashes. Although the hash went well and no one got killed/lost/injured I learnt that I needed to leave longer gaps from the circles so that it took more time for the front running bastards to find stuff so that the group stayed together more. In total I had run 11 miles setting the trail , running the hash and running from my house.

As I had my suspicions about a potential naming ceremony I made sure I dumped ALL of my flour before I finished.

An anchor means 'Popeye Woz Ere'

In the Car Park at the end of the run we had the usual end of run 'huddle' . As various people started asking me if I had any flour left I wisely put my phone and camera in my bag and prepared myself for a 'naming'

Pancake day comes one day early
I was deeply touched that the hashers had spent so many weeks thinking about my potential name. It shows in what high regard they must hold me. Unfortunately for me they had brought plently of extra flour. Most hashing names are rude and loosely relevant to the person, for example a lady that works in customer services is called Satisfaction Guaranteed or Claires dad is a lawyer and called Loose Article.
The options considered included 'turned out nice again' because I play the banjolele and am a window cleaner, 'cock' because I keep chickens, ' Oh Bee - Have' because I keep Honeybees but based on my 'microbiology' degree (actually I am a molecular biologist!) and the fact that I keep chickens and found a parrot on a hash once they decided on my hash name as.....


Arise 'Little Pecker' (complete with pink bunny tail)

When naming all the women hashers get to pour beer and flour over the named persons head. I can tell you that once this 'batter' sets it takes A LOT of washes to get it out. I also had to down beer for being the Hare AND for being named. By the time I got home I was very drunk.


It was great to get named. I really feel like part of the club now, especially as I have now led a hash too. I got named at the place where I did my first ever hash run and also got to do it on a night when we ran part of the Greensand Way.

I hear Dave is joining The Hash House Harriers near him in Portsmouth soon.... Cant wait to see what name he gets !

On On !

Little Pecker


Sunday, 19 February 2012

Every Day's a School Day

I’ve decided to do this week’s GSW training write up, because... well, I wanted to!

We're missing Dave at the moment as his ITB is playing silly buggers. He wished us well on our way with a "I hope it's shit and you get really cold and wet!" tweet... thanks Dave. We love you too.

Intending to pick up as close to The Windmill as possible, we got a bit lost around the spectacularly badly-signed Hurtwood car parks in Ewhurst. After stumbling across a car park we didn’t recognise but had a Greensand Way signpost, we were happy to pick up the trail from there.

After a bit of faffing, some oohing and ahhing, the removal of warm fleecy clothes, and repeated checking that the van key was safely stowed and not about to fall out of Lee’s bag, we set off from whichever bloody car park it was.

Little did we know, that this day was to be a day of many lessons learnt...

Lesson 1: Geography part 1
If it’s the Greensand Way, it will be uphill.
Immediately we had a steep climb. It’s almost tradition at the start of a run now. Steep climbs are s**tty any time, but they’re just annoying when you’ve not even had a chance to warm up yet.

Lesson 2: Photography part 1
There’s always a photo opportunity.
Here we go again. Another trig point, another point of interest, some more posing.
Lee usually faces towards Magnetic Portsmouth

We also found the actual bench where the now infamous topless man advertised the Greensand Way so enticingly, and Lee did the necessary undressing and posing with great success.
(Really, it was just an opportunity for Lee to show off his new running top with Right Said Fred style fishnet armpits. There are no photos. You don’t want to see.)

Who is that topless man? Is he the reason we embarked on this whole endeavour?

Lee giving his best "Smack". That's "Smile with your back".

Lesson 3: Drama
Setting the scene
We reached Holmbury Hill, and the clouds became suitably dramatic for us to strike poses against.

Squatting on top of the world.

Rucksack-to-toe posing

Lesson 4: Science
High altitude + exposed to wind = chilly
6 miles into the run we reached Leith Hill tower. It’s the highest point not just in Surrey but in the South of England (according to a teatowel! More facts should be printed on teatowels. Children would learn better that way).
So Leith Hill is, rather understandably, a hill. We took this quarter-way point as an opportunity to shovel down some jelly babies, drink some magical Lucozade and consider going up the Tower. We did all this while standing on an exposed, windy, high area.
It turns out that standing still while a cold breeze whips around you makes you very chilly, and we pushed on from the tower downhill into relative warmth and safety.

"Wave, and pretend you didn't drive here in that Skoda!"

Lesson 5: Music
Don’t go chasin’ waterfalls, please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to.
We found to our amazement and amusement that not only is there a waterfall in Surrey, it’s not shit! Tillingbourne Waterfall is lovely, and it also makes you sing “Waterfalls” by the Charley Farley Sunday Four
constantly for the rest of the day.

Not pictured: Lee washing his hair a la Timotei advert

Lesson 6: Religious Education (and a bit of Science)
A temple at high altitude is still bloody cold
Our halfway mark was at The Nower, or The Temple, near Dorking. I’m not sure what it was a temple of or to, but it marked the point where we’d met up with the Greensand Way once before on the snow hash!
In typical style, we stopped at the freezing, windy peak of a hill to have a rest and a sit down, so while I layered on some thermals, Lee did his best tramp impression in a sleepy bag.

Eating crisps: doin' it wrong.

We munched on our delicious lunch of more jelly babies, some battered Jaffa Cakes, a Boost bar and a nice salty pack of crisps before buggering off back home again.

Lesson 7: Geography part 2, Sports Science, Psychology, Biology, Information Technology
Geography: Weather happens
On our way back, it started raining. It got cold, it got wet, it got a bit neg. Luckily we were prepared for all weather eventualities, and (notwithstanding the squealing “get me off this f**king freezing hill!”) we bore the temperature and humidity changes admirably.

We decided to treat ourselves to a small amount of time sheltering up Leith Hill Tower on the way back. What a joy that was, at a mere £1.30 each!
"Er excuse me mate, can you take a picture of us looking miserable please?"

Here comes the sports science bit - concentrate.
This was the ¾ point, so we’d just done about 17.4 miles. Lee had forewarned me previously about The Wall which people hit at around 18-20 miles, where your body runs out of every easily accessible form of energy (sugar, fat, glycogen stores), and starts breaking down the tough stuff (like proteins in muscle) - which
a) takes a lot longer, and is actually very energy intensive, and
b) is not particularly fun for your muscles when you’re trying to use them!

I made sure to keep back enough energy-rich sports snacks (Jelly Babies) to take on plenty of calories just before 18 miles, to make sure this didn’t happen to me. While I shovelled sweets down my gob, I attempted to throw some at Lee but he was more interested in learning about the history of Leith Hill Tower, pushing buttons on a model to make it light up, and accusing me of trying to feed him only because it would make my pack lighter.

Psychology: running brainless
Running back along a path is always a bit interesting. At one point we thought we’d completely lost the trail, through no fault of our own - at times when the Greensand Way goes across roads and changes direction, it becomes tough to spot the trail. A combination of looking fretful, reverting to lesson 1 (it’s always uphill), and checking science (the GPS) meant that despite our worries to the contrary, we were almost always on the right track. (And if we weren't, it was easy to get back onto it...)
However when we feel like we’re losing our brains a bit, this could mean something else other than poor orienteering...

Biology: you only get out what you put in
Missing signposts and losing the trail is often the first sign of low blood sugar and Lee was about to bump into The Wall a little bit.
This was easily sorted with some choice words from me (“Come on for f**k’s sake, you big doodyhead, it’s only 3 miles”) and some rapidly applied emergency sugar. It looked tough to get through and proved a big fat point:
You’ve gotta eat regularly, whether you want to or not.
I’m going to be enforcing this rule, putting my foot down with a firm hand. If you’re going to give your body a chance to complete the task you set it, you need to fuel it.

Information Technology: please please please don’t run out
As we progressed back to the van, Lee’s spare phone battery was inching its way towards death. As he runs two GPS apps (one which tracks the run, and another which overlays our position onto a Greensand Way OS map), he switched the mapping app off but kept our tracks going. We managed to get back to the van with 3% of his battery spare, but successfully tracked the whole of the journey back so could give an accurate report!

We ran 23.2 miles, leaving at 9am and returning at 3.45pm, with a half hour lunch break at the Temple and two 15 min breaks at Leith Hill, as well as plenty of photo/clothing/water/map-reading pauses!

It was a tough day at school, but I think we learnt a lot.

This is how everything looked when we finished. A bit blurred and quite skewiff.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Beg Borrow Rummage Swap Sell Haggle....Just dont Steal

I have a red star next to my name on ebay...... a 1226 rating as I write this. I am proud of my 100% feedback score and have had a very positive experience on ebay over the years. As a small business owner I adore the return of the 'cottage industry'  People working online and undercutting the big companies and providing better service. I love the feedback score and how this allows you to pick and choose who you do business with.

Claire is a DEMON for a bargain too. She can sniff out a Car Boot Sale from over 10 miles away, she can go through a charity shop and assess all contents in under 60 seconds and she can organise a jumble sale so quickly it makes Blue Peter green with envy.

greensand way marker near the devils punchbowl

Bang for your Buck

As we begin to plan the finer details of the Greensand Way run it becomes clear we are going to need some very specific kit. At time of writing we feel that the 'spirit of the run' is to camp en route and avoid hotels etc. This means we must travel light.....very light......really really light. This poses some issues of price versus weight.

Greensand Way Sunrise in 14 Acre Copse
We are currently training with rucksacks with roughly 6kgs of kit in them. This is our 'rough' estimate of weight we may carry. As well as a suitable rucksack my basics will include a lightweight thermarest to sleep on, a very lightweight sleeping bag and a tent for 2 people that is under 2kgs in total weight (Dave is long and tall and may need his own polytunnel).

You can buy a tent for less than £30. It would be fine for camping on the Greensand Way . But........It'll be bulky and heavy. It would appear that the sort of tent we require may cost between £100 and £280 . combine this with a thermarest for £90 and a rucksack and it looks like I need about £400 worth of gear, for this trek.

Pine Trees in the mist in the Hurtwood on the Greensand Way

Stop Hoarding Start Listing

I've overcome a few financial challenges before, as well as a buyer on ebay I've been a seller on ebay. So it's time to clear out all the clutter I dont need and make some money to pay for all this gear !

We recently had an amazing £100 donation on the charity giving site from an anonymous Mr A. if you are reading this Mr A thankyou .....Thankyou very much.
our donation site is here

Sometimes Online ISNT the best deal

This week I got a thermarest from a camping shop in Guildford for HALF PRICE. This was at least £15 cheaper than anything on ebay and was because it was the last in an end of line model that was being replaced with a newer swishier (but frankly no different from the old except colour) model. I got a Thermarest Pro Lite for £49 instead of its RRP of £90. This shows you can get bargains out there.

High Street stores also give you the chance to try on things like rucksacks and running gear, but online gives you the chance to read reviews and feedback from others. Its always best to mix and match.

Although the total full cost of the gear I need may exceed £400 I bet I get the lot for less than half price in the end.

Ive been a good boy Santa ...Honest

On the off chance anyone is feeling generous Ive set up an ebay Wish List! Ive never done this before, its a bit like a letter to the Greensand Way Santa Claus.

My Wish List is here*?lid=blkrc0haMlByQm1kajZ3Vm5ZK3NFWjJQckEyZGc2SUFsb0NtQ1pPQ29BU2RqNng5blkrc2VRKio*&ssPageName=ADME:X:EWF:GB:3105

smiley face block near gibbet hill on the Greensand Way

I'll be listing a lot of stuff over the next few weeks to raise money, so I get to work my way towards the next coloured star on ebay. Please dont forget why we are doing this. It's to help build a well needed medical centre in Tanzania.  The medical treatment this will provide is far more important than me having the lightest thermarest on the market. .......but obviously.......once you've donated on the charity giving site........if you've got a bit of spare change.........i'd love a running top in 'manly' black please.....Thanks. :)

Sunday, 12 February 2012

My First Topless photoshoot

I love Americas Next Top Model.  I also love Top Gear and other 'Man programmes' ...BUT..... I love ANTM.  I love watching the cast of characters in exotic locales and the photoshoots and the posing and the bitchfights and words like 'SMIZE' and 'DRECKITUDE'

Tyra banks is always keen to stress that posing nude or topless should only be under certain tasteful situations. It should be 'high fashion' shouldnt be 'hoochie'. So the idea of combing Top Model with a Greensand Way Run was a spur of the minute idea and great fun to parody a picture in a 'high fashion' way.

Greensand Way sign near the White Horse at Hascombe

Our run on #sundayrunday started from the pub car park at the White Horse at Hascombe. We planned a 15 mile round trip to the viewpoint at Pitch Hill. With snow on the ground and low temperatures it was hard work but knowing the route this time round made the miles much easier as Claire and I knew what to expect round each corner.

Greensand Way marker near Wintershall
We really noticed the temperature drop as we ran up the steep long climb up Pitch hill into Winterfold Heath.

Very steep route up Pitch Hill on the Greensand Way

We stopped for a 10 minute break near the viewpoint ( about 1.5 miles before the Windmill) , filled up on Jelly Babies and fluid and started running back down as hard as we could because we were both so cold.

Greensand Way Marker on Pitch Hill
We had missed the viewpoint and green bench depicted so well in a picture in the Surrey County Council website pages on the Greensand Way on our ascent. We looked harder for it on the way back down (nothing looks the same in the snow).

iconic topless bloke pitch hill viewpoint picture from the Surrey County Council Website on the Greensand Way
When we found it  'noted fashion photographer' Claire suggested I do an impromptu topless photoshoot as a homage to this iconic photo. I got my smize on, stripped down and tried to do some 'head to snow' posing.

FIERCE ! on the Greensand Way
The run back was good fun. Usually the runs back are quite introspective and a bit of a slog but the photoshoot put us in high spirits despite the freezing cold. The last 1.5 miles of this route are always like a bit of a hash because you get a massive 'On in'  sign to the pub .

ON IN!  Pub sign on the Greensand Way

After such a great training run and sucessful photoshoot its always great to kick back and have a well earned cool pint in pub garden of the White Horse. So thats what we did.

The next big weekend run is planned to include the section with Leith Hill Tower. I will remember to add a spare camera battery to my running pack for it as the low temps meant it didnt last long today.  Leith HIll Tower is the highest point in Surrey so the scale of the tower and my small stature will make a great photoshoot too.

Thanks for believing in me Tyra .......