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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Virgin Hares, Hash Golf , Underdeveloped Ankles and Twin Peaks

After running 55 miles in a weekend what could be better than a little 6 mile run the next day in Hook Heath with the Guildford Hash House Harriers?

We tee d off in a car park in St Johns a wee bit late (everyone had already left) so we knew we were going to have to run hard to catch up the pack. The front side of the run was going to be hard work with us being this under form already.

Scrum Muffin getting ready for the Hash in the car park

We set off at a very rapid pace led by Scrum Muffin (Claire). We both still had our full Greensand Way running packs on too. We had Scrum Muffins dad Loose Article in tow as well.  We started across the Golf Course in Woking following the flour trail as we went. I like running across footpaths that lead over Golf Courses as they always make me feel naughty.

Scrum 'tiger woods'  Muffin and Loose 'Colin Montgomery' Article Hashing across the Golf Coure in Woking

Loose'Colin Montgomery' Article not having a wee in public as that would be illegal
We chipped over small bridges and navigated through tricky bunkers and thought we could see the pack in the far distance. It turned out we were reading the green badly and we were much more behind than we first thought.

Scrum 'tiger woods' Muffin doing a great 'bail out' on Woking Golf Course

As you know I get very excited about type 22 WW2 bunkers on the GHQ line so I was pleased to get to interact with a new class of bunker that evening.

Little 'nick faldo' Pecker finds a new type of bunker on a Woking Hash

What we thought was the main pack turned out to be Under Developed walking with a very hurty ankle. The poor guy was surrounded by Scrum Muffin and I with our large packs offering our caddy services....

  • Walky pills for the pain?
  • ankle support?
  • little drinky?
  • Mars Bar?
  • Space Blanket?
  • First Aid Kit?
  • 9 iron?
In true hash style he didn't understand any of these things, only beer which we didn't have. We ran on leaving Loose Article with him checking he was ok. His handicap would be seriously affected by this mishap.

Leaving Loose 'Colin Montgomery' Article and Under 'Jack Nicklaus' Developed behind

As we aced our way out towards Hook Heath we crossed Blackhorse Rd and I was very pleased to find us running past Blackhorse Apiaries or 'Bee School' where I learnt to keep Bees with the king of Beekeeping and inventor of the Swarmbuster 3000 Jon Hamer !

Lee learns about the birdies and the bees here - Blackhorse Apiaries

Loose 'Colin Montgomery' Article caught us up again so I got the chance to try mirror posing with another member of  Scrum Muffins family. We gave it our best 'Smirror' Smile with a mirror.

Smirror - smile with a mirror.
We had a virgin hare setting the trail, that is someone who hasn't laid a trail before and so a number of the hashers seemed to be taking the piss out of how much flour she had put down. At one stage Scrum 'tiger woods' Muffin and I came across 3 arrows to show us which direction to go in.

Scrum 'tiger woods' Muffin narrowly avoids an oopsiwahli
As we entered the back nine of our hash we were still very much still bogeying. We ran on as the darkness came and eventually came across 'Twin Peaks' a new hasher we hadn't met before. So named as she is a Doctor and has things.

Scrum Muffin and Twin Peaks

We ran on and back towards the Golf Course again. We had a chance to do some Smollarding too - Smiling with your lit Bollard.


Eventually we got the sign that the 19th Hole was approaching and we were at the dead ball stage of the run. We finally got back to the car park about a minute or two  behind the main pack having spent the entire run near the back.

Scrum 'tiger woods'  Muffin at the 'On in' hashing towards the 19th Hole

We retired to the 19th Hole for beer and to discuss how well we all faired on this run. At over 6 miles this was quite a 'runners run' and involved a fair bit of running in the 'rough' (along busy dark main roads) but all in all we enjoyed it.

Scrum 'tiger woods' Muffin and I were also surprised at how well we had done give the mileage we had done the previous 2 days.

All in all we enjoyed hash golf and would do it again.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Legs, Bums, Tums, Swims, Sprints, Poses, Pumps, Circuits and Zumba

Hey ! At time of writing our fundraising is nearing the £1500 mark. Thankyou to everyone that has contributed. If you havent allready why not donate just £1 towards our cause? You can do so easily here -

As you know we marshalled the Sport Relief Mile 3 weeks ago at Charterhouse Gym in Godalming. As a little gift we got 3 weeks free membership to their facilities. We set out 'Greensand Way' Style to take full advantage of this kind offer and basically do as many classes as possible in 3 weeks.

Circuit Training - Doing a little sick in my mouth

I used to do a lot of regular circuit training at University. I forget that this was 13 years ago and so I was confident that I would excell at this class and show everyone there how an ultra marathon runner can keep up with the best of them.

Lee and Claire doing circuit training at charterhouse gym

We arrived a bit late and soon got into the swing of the running followed by repetitive hardcore exercises. Typically this might involve sitting in a stress position for 45 seconds against a wall, then 10 lunges , 10 star jumps then a run to the other end of the astro turf and back.

It took me less than 15 minutes to be utterly destroyed physically and 'do a little sick' in my mouth' during the exercises. We would work as a team of 2 with one of us doing a number of reps whilst the other did another type of exercise.  I smiled outwardly, and cried inwardly. I might be an ok endurance runner but my fitness was way off for this.

My body shook like a nervous dog as we had to hold press up positions. I was utterly beaten by the end of the hour session and so was Claire. It was a great way to mix up our training, even if we had to scrounge water off 'teacher'.

We both agreed we would 'definitely' do it again.

By 'Definitely' we meant 'never'.

Swimming - Titanic style

I am a diver and am therefore used to certain things when I'm in water. Being warm by wearing a wetsuit or drysuit, and easy propulsion using fins. The Charterhouse Pool is excellent, and is the right temperature for competitive swimmers to bomb up and down the lanes without overheating.

The pool is just the wrong temperature for a hobbit with no fins on and no wetsuit who is slightly drowning and slightly freezing to death as he inches along the pool at the speed of an iceberg. My ample chesthair creates so much drag its like swimming with a woolly jumper on.

Whilst Claire darted and moved like a graceful mermaid, enjoying underwater swimming and sitting on the bottom of the pool, I stayed on the surface with my eyes squinting so I didnt loose a contact lense.

Everytime I went swimming it gave me a great appetite though!

Zumba - Strictly No Rhythum

I had no delusions here. I cant all....This was going to be the class from hell. The music started with a groovy latin beat and every lady (yep I was the ONLY guy) moved as one in groovy rhythum to the music...and I er......sort of....shook about a bit.

Lee and Claire do Zumba

Claire had done one class allready and was moving like J Lo compared to me. I tried VERY hard to keep up. I could follow what the feet were doing OR what the hands were doing...BUT NOT BOTH. It doesnt help that there are mirrors all round the hall so I could see myself dancing like a drunk dad at a wedding from multiple directions.

Lee and Claire 'Smubaing' Smiling with your Zumba

Everytime I nearly had a set of dance moves down it was time to change to the next song and routine. After a while I gave up trying so hard and just kind of ....went with it. I started smiling more and enjoyed it. No one was judging my moves. It was all good.

Not Lees best performance

 All in all it is a fun class. Over the 3 weeks we did it twice and I was less worse the second time. I reckon I'd only need about 30 years to get good at this. It was a good sweaty workout without being so mental that I wanted to cry......and Claire loved it!

Legs Bums and Tums - Finally ! Something we are good at!

Legs Bums and Tums was exactly that. Aerobic exercises for legs, bum and tummy area. For the first time there were no real surprises. We were fit enough to do it even straight after a Zumba class and I could do almost all of the moves as they were more simple than Zumba. Its only 45 minutes and works those areas hard. This was a class I was good at and enjoyed even more than most of the others.

Baby got Back

Freestyle Fitness Yoga -

I've done a few yoga classes in the past and have a neat trick I can do with my legs and hips that most men cant do. I also play the sitar so I got my inner 'Om' on and was ready to show everyone how good I was at poses like  'dead cat' , ' sleeping dog' 'road warrior' and ' rotten tree'

Again (noticing a trend here ?) I was in for a surprise. This class had gentle chillout dance music and although most of the moves were familiar they were done in a series of 'sets' at quite a rapid pace one after the other. Rather hectic compared to classes I'm used to but still very challenging.

We even did some 'stack planking' where up to three of us planked on top of each other and best of all I did a hand stand !

We left the class feeling very stretched out ....and went to the pub to celebrate.

Marathon Running Training with Waverley Harriers - Good Form + meeting 'hasher X'

We were delighted to meet a few runners from Waverely Harriers who ran with us on the Easter Runday and they kindly invited us to do a session with them at the Charterhouse Track one Tuesday evening. It was a beautiful evening and we got to enjoy the sunset as we trained with them.

Meeting up with the Waverley Harriers training session meant we got a chance to hand Linda the box of chocolates she won in the Easter Sunday Runday Raffle.

We were also delighted to meet a hasher from guildford Hash House Harriers. She was keen to remain 'Hasher X' as she would incur many down downs for being in another running club!

Claire with 'Hasher X'

The training session with them was absolutely excellent. We did timed stints of running fast and slow. For us this was a chance to strip away the weight of a rucksack, the mental burden of navigating off road and the physical challenge of uneven off road terrain and concentrate entirely on running technique.

We were both treated to encouraging shouts of 'Good Form' from our lovely (but stern) female trainer and I learnt loads that night about breathing and stride distance and that I need to get a foam roller.

Everyone at that session was going on to do a marathon shortly so we really felt like we were in the 'Top Gun' of running training school.

Body Pump -  Heavy Metal Rockarobics

I attended a Body Pump session on the Thursday as my final workout before our big weekend run (and the end of our three weeks of classes).
This class uses a lot of weights to tone all body areas and I had no idea what weight amounts to choose. I pushed common sense to one side , sized up the fittest (as in tone not whether I fancied him!) bloke in the class and decided to copy his weight amounts.

Bad idea.

The fittest guy in the class was fit, and I had nothing on him. The weights I used were too much and I fell behind on the reps as I struggled to do each movement and not dislocate every joint in my body.

By the end of the session I was on weight amounts that were more resonable for me (about the same as the ladies in the class) and managed to not hurt myself for the full hour.

This was a very intense session and my breast muscles still hurt on the Kent Training Weekend 4 days later !

Best thing about Body Pump? It has a Rock Ballad soundtrack! Dave would have LOVED this class. Working out to nickleback is so much better than the ooph chi ooph chi dance tracks. The first track we worked out to was the Red Hot Chili Peppers!

Lee does Body Pump to a rock music soundtrack

So how was it overall?

Please put my lighthearted idiocy to one side. The facilities at Charterhouse are excellent and the classes are all very, very good. The monthly fee provides far more value for money in my opinion than a fitness first membership (Ive been a member with Fitness First in the past). All the staff there were very welcoming, very enthusiastic and we genuinely had a great time.  Find out more here

I loved the fact that I was exercising in the evening instead of the morning, that everything was different and I learned I'm not very flexible, not as strong as I thought and I shouldnt forget my skills and experience and endurance fitness is in one niche area only. There is a whole world of exercise out there!

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Boathouses, Gertrude Jekyll, Banjo Day and Speed Running on the Greensand Way

Last SaturdayShatteredayBanjoday  we thought we would mix up the training a bit by doing some 'speed running' for a set amount of time. So instead of running 'for 18 miles' we would run for 3 hours and see how far we got.  We also decided to run without heavy backpacks to speed up our time.

I then forgot all of this and was ready and willing with a full backpack on in the morning when Claire re -reminded me of what we had talked about less than 24 hours previously.

Winkworth Arboretum sign

We thought we would keep the trail interesting by taking a route through Winkworth Arboretum and running north through Thornecombe Street village before meeting up with the Greensand Way just north of Gatestreet Farm (where the jesus igloo is)

Its always the case that when you live right near something you take it for granted. I've only been through Winkworth Arboretum once before and didn't realise that you don't have to pay to run through it as long as you stay on the main footpath. It's a very famous national trust treasure designed by Gertrude Jekyll (not of drinky potion / go crazy fame) with an ornamental lake and amazing colours a;; year round but particularly in Autumn.

Claire sitting in the Boathouse at Winkworth Arboretum

After stopping off at the boathouse to enjoy the view we pushed on round the lake and said hi to Andrew Hall (coronation street and butterflies fame)  the actor as we both crossed the bridge in opposite directions.

Claire running up a very big hill near Thornecombe Street

As the path linked up with the Greensand Way after about 3 miles of running I took the opportunity to do some Smeeing (smile with a tree) .

Lee Smeeing (smile with a tree) on the Greensand Way

We then settled into a speedy cruise towards the hills in the distance that we could see we were heading for. These are Winterfold Heath , Holmbury Hill and Pitch Hill.  Its really great to see how the seasons change the Greensand Way, when we started running these routes it was cold and snowy but as we ran on Saturday there were daffodils and Bluebells out and a tractor ploughing the field ready for summer crops. Blue skies even poked through occasionally.

Bluebells in the Hurtwood on the Greensand Way

Claire races a tractor on the Greensand Way near Shamley Green

We pushed on and started the ascent up on to Winterfold Heath. We were running for exactly 3 hours so we would have to turn back at 90 minutes. This turned out to be enough to get us to the summit and car park at Winterfold Heath.  At the halfway time mark we stopped to enjoy the view for about 5 minutes and ate some jelly babies. We had run 8.2 miles according to Science and we found the climb waaaaaay easier without the 10kgs rucksack on ( it was like having someone giving you a little push all the way up)

Lee eating Jelly babies on the Greensand Way on Winterfold Heath

Every time we run along Winterfold Heath its cold. Really cold. It's a classic 'get me off this god forsaken hill' territory. Just standing around for 5 minutes and I was freezing cold when we started running back to Winkworth. I manned up and borrowed Claires pink and black gloves (this was a rare occasion when there were no gloves just lying around on the Greensand Way for us to use)

Lee wearing manly pink and black gloves descending Winterfold Heath on the Greensand Way

We took the same diversion on the way back towards Winkworth Arboretum and crossed a field filled with Sheep and Lambs. We also saw a Peregrin Falcon or Buzzard in the same field (i get excited about all things that fly) . We walked up the hill so as not to startle the sheep and got a great photo.

Sheep on a hill near the Greensand Way near Rowe Barn Farm
As we got back into Thornecombe Street (which is such a typical beautiful Surrey hamlet) I played Nigel to Claires Tyra and I directed her in a phonebooth photoshoot of 'Smoothing' - Smiling with your booth.

Claire 'Smoothing' Smiling with your booth

ANTM cycle 10 winner - Thanks for believing in my Tyra

Running back into Winkworth from the other direction we were treated to a beautiful view of the boathouse by the lake.

The Boathouse and Lake at Winkworth Arboretum

I have come to learn that all scouts and guides mutually attract (its like a law of physics) so I was unsurprised when Claire bumped into a friendly group of Scouts she knew who were directing parking in the car park at Winkworth. This marked the end of our 3 hour run and we had covered around 17 miles.

Scouts in the Car Park at Winkworth Arboretum

Saturdays run was great because we ran for time not distance and we ran for speed not endurance (by not wearing our full rucksack weight) taking a slightly different route made the run more interesting and made me realise there are many many more paths Ive yet to explore even within 3 or 4 miles of my house. All of them beautiful.

We have been mixing up the training a lot in the last 3 weeks using our free gym membership with Charterhouse we got for marshalling the sport relief mile. We've been doing lots of different classes, and learnt lots of new stuff, something we will blog about soon. In the meantime here's a taster pic of us busting some Zumba moves in the mirror on the run in this blog .

Lee and Claire Zumba moves on the Greensand Way

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A very special Easter Sunday Runday

So a few weeks ago, Lee turned to me and said "I want to do a run where people can come along and join us somewhere along the Greensand Way. Maybe get people from Twitter to join us, like a tweetup but with running. A twunup?".

So I said, "Ok!" (What else would you say?!)

We searched around the idea of doing it on a Saturday or Sunday, and found Sunday 8th April was the soonest suitable day. As Sunday 8th April is Easter Sunday... the possibilities for fun suddenly increased!
"Let's do a raffle as well!"
"Let's do an Easter Egg HUNT as well!"
"And we could lay a flour trail like a hash!
"And get it in the press!"
"And end up at a pub!"

So there you have it.

On Easter Sunday 2012 we did a flour trail, a four mile run, an Easter Egg hunt, and a fundraising raffle, with the hashtag #EasterRunday, all from the Merry Harriers in Hambledon, near Godalming.

Lee and I set the trail at 9am wearing bunny ears, dropping four miles of flour over the footpaths around Hambledon, and setting "Egg Checks". I think we even saw the Easter Bunny a couple of times putting eggs round the egg checks...
The elusive Easter Bunny hopping along near the Greensand Way
A possible accomplice of the Easter Bunny spotted on the Greensand Way
20 runners and walkers joined in the Easter themed fun, embracing the fancy dress theme wearing bunny ears, fluffy cottontails - with one participant (the lovely Amy) even dressed as an EGG!
Smolk-ing!  Smiling with your yolk! Go @amerbob!

At 10.45am the local press photographer arrived and gathered us together for a very silly photo (with a lot of people having some hastily-fumbled-together pink bunny ears thrust upon them) in front of the pub.

We then embarked upon a quick warmup led by Emma to stop us getting injured on the run:
Lift those ears and shake those cotton tails! Some dynamic stretching by the Easter Runday group

And had a health and safety talk that went:
- don't step in doody
- don't run into roads
- don't run into barbed wire
- err... that's it.

And they were off! The walkers had already set off, but were caught up by the Front Running B*****ds, who sped off into the distance but managed to hold back when picking the eggs up - apparently they didn't want to be weighed down by the chocolate.
The fast-ish runners and joggers followed up at a good pace behind, with squeals of delight at the discovery of the chocolate eggs. The sun came out... we were running in bunny ears... there was an egg gallivanting about... it was BRILLIANT!

All smiles on the Greensand Way Easter Runday

But then... disaster struck!
Dave got lost!
The flour disappeared!
The FRBs were left scratching their heads!

Someone had carefully removed all signs and sights of the flour for one stretch of the trail - not a mark was left behind.

Who would do that? We'll never know.

Lee sprinted up ahead (laden down with a full rucksack but no spare flour) and helped the FRBs re-lay the trail with wooden stick arrows, pioneering style! Later we added some choccie eggs to the arrows, to make sure the trail was clear again...
Part orienteering, part running, and part posing on the Greensand Way Easter Runday.

We got back to the pub bang on 12.30pm and the hot beef sandwich success of the last time we were at the Merry Harriers spread round the whole group - almost everyone had one!

After some more frantic raffle ticket selling and VERY frantic prepping of the tickets - all hands on deck! - the raffle was drawn.

The star prize, a unique Siddy Langley vase, donated very kindly by McAllister Thomas Fine Art (details about the artist here:, went to a family in the pub sitting down to Easter Sunday dinner which was wonderful, they were so happy.
"Here, I got you this" - the beautiful Siddy Langley vase presented to a family already with their hands full!

Unfortunately that was the best photo we have of the vase being presented - if the winners possibly have a good photo of the prize in situ we'd love to post it on this blog!

Everyone was so happy with their prizes. Our favourite to give away - aside from all the generously donated prizes from local companies - was a "Greensand Way Survival Pack" - filled with everything you need to keep on running! The pack included Jelly Babies, Doritos, talcum powder, 3 bottles of Sports Drink (Lucozade, For Goodness Shake and a bottle of ale), blister plasters, and some bath smellies for afterwards. A last minute addition to this prize was a free sports massage kindly donated by Emma Berry! Unfortunately I didn't win this, nor did Dave, Dan or Lee... but maybe we'll see the winner overtaking us on the Greensand Way soon...

The day went swimmingly (runningly?) and was a wonderful success. We got to meet some local people who've been supporting us but we hadn't actually met - Amy (of egg and @amerbob fame!) and Lesley Beeton (@Shackleford_LB) too, who brought her husband Ian and friend Len who are Waverley Harriers and took great pleasure in being the FRBs on the day! A big big thank you to Amy and Lesley who have blogged about us before and it was just fantastic to finally meet you!
We were also joined by a whole host of our mates who had helped to get the message out about the run and came along gamely - even with bunny ears plonked on their heads - you are all stars and your support is appreciated so much!
It was especially exciting to meet Helen and Alice who had heard about the run on Eagle Radio - another great local service! Thank you for joining us and coming along, it was great to meet you.
Later in the pub some more friends joined us (somehow they weren't feeling energetic enough for a Sunday morning run?!) including the lovely and talented Jacquie Lawson, and her partner Malcolm (whose ear I chewed off talking about all things rugby!)

All in all, a fantastic day, helped by so many to be a success. And it was a success. The total raised by everyone who bought a ticket, donated a prize, or ran with us has ended up being....


Which is gobsmackingly brilliant. It all got a bit emotional on the day, and that wasn't due to sports drink. Your support, help, donations and time got us to that phenomenal total and we couldn't have done it without any of you.

The next challenge for us Greensand Way-ers is this weekend's Kent training run. Another 55 miles, this time all completely new! What could possibly go wrong?! That's going to be a blog and a half....

Caught in the act! Shh... you never saw us...
(see you next year?)

Monday, 9 April 2012

Hash, Live Fartlicking, Ewok Village and Taking a Holiday from the Greensand Way

In the utterly delightful romantic comedy 'The Holiday' the characters 'swap' familiar places to experience a refreshing change in a new location, meet new people, hilarious japes, romance and blah blah blah .

 I'm a BIG FAN of this film as I was doing my business banking once in Bramley and saw Cameron Diaz filming in a Red Mini. I also Like Wreck Diving and as we all know Kate Winslet is one of the last surviving passengers of the Titanic.

The Holiday Movie shot in Shere and Godalming oh..and Los Angeles

There comes a time in any runners relationship when the combination of hash and darkness cause you to stray from the familiar relationship with The Greensand Way and you find yourself inadvertantly dabbling with another runners well known trail.

This new and interesting location can lead to meeting new people, hilarious japes, romance and blah blah blah

 In this case Scrum Muffin and I got a chance to 'have a go' on the North Downs way on Monday thanks to the Guildford Hash House Harriers . As far as we know Jude Law and Kate Winslet didnt go hashing on the Greensand Way that same evening. 

We were supposed to go hashing in Portsmouth with the Portsmouth Hash House Harriers to introduce Dave and Dan to hashing but last minute Dave found a split end in his hairdo and had to be rushed for an emergency Cut , Perm Set and Blow. So Scrum Muffin and I went to the Guildford hash instead.

The North Downs way is a similar age to The Greensand Way and is longer at 156 miles running from Farnham to Canterbury (with a loop round Dover).

North Downs Way sign near Shere

The hash that evening started in the light! This was a welcome change. It was also a 'live hash' where the hare (this week Fartlick) sets off shortly before we do and lays the trail just ahead of us. Well, thats the theory anyway.Given the chaos of a 'normal' hash I could see this could end in some major oopsiwahli.

Popeye was here

Under Developed started us off in the wrong direction and we then got into our stride. It would seem that chaotic runners and a chaotic live hash actually do not combine to end in disaster but actually cancel each other out to produce a hash that 'sort of works'

 After a short bit of running I was very pleased to recognise another Type 22 Bunker marking the GHQ defence line too. My innner running nerd was happy.

A Type 22 Bunker near the North Downs Way in Shere

Running a lot in woods also means you get to run past signs for places that always have humorous names.  Shag Wood , Dogging Copse, Sexy Time Forest are all places we havent come across (fnar) yet but on this run we we did find Combe Bottom.

Claires Bottom on Coombe Bottom

We ran uphill and managed to catch some amazing views from the top just as the light was starting to fade.
Claire catching the last of the sunlight from an amazing view near Shere

Shere Sunset

As the woods got dark everything always seems larger to me. We came across a massive long stack of freshly cut logs which I couldnt resist doing some 'Smogging' in front of . I bet in daylight it looks like a pile of twigs by the path.

Lee does 'Smogging' Smile with your logs in near Shere on the North Downs Way
We also ran past a massive log cabin in the air which we can only assume was some kind of Deer Shooting hide but to me looked like the entire Ewok Village from Star Wars.

Proof the Ewoks live in Shere

The North Downs Way gets the seal of approval from Scrum Muffin

After more running in the dark (somehow we were near the back) we found the 'On Inn' sign which meant the chaos was coming to close.

End of Hash in Shere
We finished the evening by going to the White Horse in Shere. A pub made famous for having had scenes from the film 'The Holiday' filmed in it. I was very keen to place my bum where Jude Laws had been as I am a massive fan of his broad range of artistic and critically acclaimed work.
The pub also has the previous pair of Scrum Muffins running trainers mounted on the wall near the bar.

Scrum Muffins last pair of running trainers in the bar at The White Horse in Shere.

As I munched wasabi peanuts and supped my sports drink I thought about  that triumph of a movie .....Next time I'm on holiday abroad I'm going to look up the nearest Hash House Harriers club and show them how us Brits do it, I bet I meet some new people , get into hilarious japes, blah blah blah get the idea.

But more worryingly I also found myself thinking about a blog called NorthDownsWay2013 .