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Sunday, 12 February 2012

My First Topless photoshoot

I love Americas Next Top Model.  I also love Top Gear and other 'Man programmes' ...BUT..... I love ANTM.  I love watching the cast of characters in exotic locales and the photoshoots and the posing and the bitchfights and words like 'SMIZE' and 'DRECKITUDE'

Tyra banks is always keen to stress that posing nude or topless should only be under certain tasteful situations. It should be 'high fashion' shouldnt be 'hoochie'. So the idea of combing Top Model with a Greensand Way Run was a spur of the minute idea and great fun to parody a picture in a 'high fashion' way.

Greensand Way sign near the White Horse at Hascombe

Our run on #sundayrunday started from the pub car park at the White Horse at Hascombe. We planned a 15 mile round trip to the viewpoint at Pitch Hill. With snow on the ground and low temperatures it was hard work but knowing the route this time round made the miles much easier as Claire and I knew what to expect round each corner.

Greensand Way marker near Wintershall
We really noticed the temperature drop as we ran up the steep long climb up Pitch hill into Winterfold Heath.

Very steep route up Pitch Hill on the Greensand Way

We stopped for a 10 minute break near the viewpoint ( about 1.5 miles before the Windmill) , filled up on Jelly Babies and fluid and started running back down as hard as we could because we were both so cold.

Greensand Way Marker on Pitch Hill
We had missed the viewpoint and green bench depicted so well in a picture in the Surrey County Council website pages on the Greensand Way on our ascent. We looked harder for it on the way back down (nothing looks the same in the snow).

iconic topless bloke pitch hill viewpoint picture from the Surrey County Council Website on the Greensand Way
When we found it  'noted fashion photographer' Claire suggested I do an impromptu topless photoshoot as a homage to this iconic photo. I got my smize on, stripped down and tried to do some 'head to snow' posing.

FIERCE ! on the Greensand Way
The run back was good fun. Usually the runs back are quite introspective and a bit of a slog but the photoshoot put us in high spirits despite the freezing cold. The last 1.5 miles of this route are always like a bit of a hash because you get a massive 'On in'  sign to the pub .

ON IN!  Pub sign on the Greensand Way

After such a great training run and sucessful photoshoot its always great to kick back and have a well earned cool pint in pub garden of the White Horse. So thats what we did.

The next big weekend run is planned to include the section with Leith Hill Tower. I will remember to add a spare camera battery to my running pack for it as the low temps meant it didnt last long today.  Leith HIll Tower is the highest point in Surrey so the scale of the tower and my small stature will make a great photoshoot too.

Thanks for believing in me Tyra .......

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