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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Hashers Anonymous

Ive been wondering for a while about hashing when it snows. How do you see the flour ?!  In the pub one of the hashers recently told me that the hash house harriers chapter in Afghanistan have some trouble with the flour blowing away and not being seen in the sand, so I also wonder how they do it?, maybe ill email them.

pink flour 'checking from here' mark
With the snow still on the ground in the rural areas we set off to a Hash in Dorking on Monday night (we go every other week because we also attend UKEJAM every other week) . With this being the anniversary of Charles Dickens birthday it seemed fitting to go for a run in the town he wrote the Pickwick Papers in (and apparently based many of the characters on locals). Like hashers he did a lot of his 'work' in the pubs there.

The run started in the pub car park  for the Pilgrim Public House and then through some urban roads. The flour had been mixed with pink powder paint so we could still see it (now all i need to do is find out about sand hashing)

Hello Again! Greensand Way Sign in Dorking

As we headed out towards the countryside I was very amused to realise we were running on the Greensand Way!  All thoughts of hashing went out of my head as I found myself looking for the next greensand way marker instead of the flour and paint trails. Scrum Muffin (Claire )pointed out that Ive become a bit of a Greensand Way 'anorak' when it comes to sign spotting . She laughed at my clear excitement about getting pics of 'new types of Greensand Way signs' for 'my collection'. *speaks in adenoidal voice*

Signspotting - Greensand Way Sign in Dorking

The Hash route took us chaotically up a very steep hill (it was dark I have no idea which one!) and rather  alot of snowball fights slowed down things on the ascent (as did my need for a wee stop).

On On !
When we reached the top of this hill we had great views in all directions although it was dark. there was also this unexpected bandstand carousel at the top which we had a brief stop round.

Steaming at the temple on Nower on the Greensand Way
The hash carried on with the usual chaos in the dark and had a great run along a wide open field in the dark and up another steep hill before bringing us back in Dorking and back to the Pub car park we started in. Total time 70 minutes.
Scrum Muffin ticking off part of map 6  of the Greensand Way

As usual I got a 'down down' (forced to drink beer) for wearing my training rucksack on the hash . Scrum Muffins dad 'Loose Article' also got a 'down down' with me for wearing shorts and a T shirt on the run.
And as usual.......I didnt get named....AGAIN.

Im leading the next Hash I'm attending on the 20th of February. Ill be the hare that night. So maybe.....maybe then Ill get named?

On On ! 


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