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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Beg Borrow Rummage Swap Sell Haggle....Just dont Steal

I have a red star next to my name on ebay...... a 1226 rating as I write this. I am proud of my 100% feedback score and have had a very positive experience on ebay over the years. As a small business owner I adore the return of the 'cottage industry'  People working online and undercutting the big companies and providing better service. I love the feedback score and how this allows you to pick and choose who you do business with.

Claire is a DEMON for a bargain too. She can sniff out a Car Boot Sale from over 10 miles away, she can go through a charity shop and assess all contents in under 60 seconds and she can organise a jumble sale so quickly it makes Blue Peter green with envy.

greensand way marker near the devils punchbowl

Bang for your Buck

As we begin to plan the finer details of the Greensand Way run it becomes clear we are going to need some very specific kit. At time of writing we feel that the 'spirit of the run' is to camp en route and avoid hotels etc. This means we must travel light.....very light......really really light. This poses some issues of price versus weight.

Greensand Way Sunrise in 14 Acre Copse
We are currently training with rucksacks with roughly 6kgs of kit in them. This is our 'rough' estimate of weight we may carry. As well as a suitable rucksack my basics will include a lightweight thermarest to sleep on, a very lightweight sleeping bag and a tent for 2 people that is under 2kgs in total weight (Dave is long and tall and may need his own polytunnel).

You can buy a tent for less than £30. It would be fine for camping on the Greensand Way . But........It'll be bulky and heavy. It would appear that the sort of tent we require may cost between £100 and £280 . combine this with a thermarest for £90 and a rucksack and it looks like I need about £400 worth of gear, for this trek.

Pine Trees in the mist in the Hurtwood on the Greensand Way

Stop Hoarding Start Listing

I've overcome a few financial challenges before, as well as a buyer on ebay I've been a seller on ebay. So it's time to clear out all the clutter I dont need and make some money to pay for all this gear !

We recently had an amazing £100 donation on the charity giving site from an anonymous Mr A. if you are reading this Mr A thankyou .....Thankyou very much.
our donation site is here

Sometimes Online ISNT the best deal

This week I got a thermarest from a camping shop in Guildford for HALF PRICE. This was at least £15 cheaper than anything on ebay and was because it was the last in an end of line model that was being replaced with a newer swishier (but frankly no different from the old except colour) model. I got a Thermarest Pro Lite for £49 instead of its RRP of £90. This shows you can get bargains out there.

High Street stores also give you the chance to try on things like rucksacks and running gear, but online gives you the chance to read reviews and feedback from others. Its always best to mix and match.

Although the total full cost of the gear I need may exceed £400 I bet I get the lot for less than half price in the end.

Ive been a good boy Santa ...Honest

On the off chance anyone is feeling generous Ive set up an ebay Wish List! Ive never done this before, its a bit like a letter to the Greensand Way Santa Claus.

My Wish List is here*?lid=blkrc0haMlByQm1kajZ3Vm5ZK3NFWjJQckEyZGc2SUFsb0NtQ1pPQ29BU2RqNng5blkrc2VRKio*&ssPageName=ADME:X:EWF:GB:3105

smiley face block near gibbet hill on the Greensand Way

I'll be listing a lot of stuff over the next few weeks to raise money, so I get to work my way towards the next coloured star on ebay. Please dont forget why we are doing this. It's to help build a well needed medical centre in Tanzania.  The medical treatment this will provide is far more important than me having the lightest thermarest on the market. .......but obviously.......once you've donated on the charity giving site........if you've got a bit of spare change.........i'd love a running top in 'manly' black please.....Thanks. :)


  1. The Coleman Cobra 2 is a cheap/light option:
    2.05 Kg and only 60 quid.

    Or... You could hammock camp.
    Hammock: £6, -
    Tarp/poncho: £5-15, -
    Total mass: 1.2 Kg
    Total cost: £10-20

    Not as crazy as it sounds and quite pleasant really.
    Hope this was in any way helpful and good luck with your other ultra lightweight kit!

  2. Thanks for the tip. I'll look them up !

  3. I know you've got yourself a thermarest now but I got a fab mattress for the World Scout Jamboree this summer from Go Outdoors. It was made by HiGear and weighs barely anything - I bought a 3/4 length one for a friend and it cos £1.36 to post first class so it must be quite light!
    Good luck!