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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Getting to know Dave a little better

Lee has uploaded my first blog for me as I had some computer troubles today

Me before the 'faceplant' incident at Hellrunnner
 1. Give us a short history of your running or fitness experience. Are you a typically sporty person?
Typically Sporty… No. While I was at School all I did was play sport, I was an opening bowler for the 1st Eleven Cricket Team, Captain of the Football team at Junior School and massively into rugby. Well, that was until my mother brought me a guitar one Christmas and I decided I’d much rather be like James Hetfield than spend my time in the cold and wet! And this has been the case for over 12 years!
I’ve been running for the past couple of years on and off but have really loved it over the past 12 months and now run almost daily. It’s an odd mind set because while sometimes there’s nothing worse than being out in the freezing cold and wet knackering yourself out, there is nothing worse than not being able to be out! I got a bit unfit through college and uni and working so now feel then need to sort that out!

2. All of you have lost a good chunk of weight. What was your top weight, and how much do you weigh now?

I’ve lost probably around 3 stone. I’m around the 14 stone mark and in need of losing a bit more. Mind you I am about 6 foot 3 so have an excuse for a bit of weight!

3. What kind of mileage do you run per week currently?
I’d say it’s probably around 40 miles but have had a couple of niggly injuries since Hellrunner so am getting over them and building up once more.

4. What's the longest or craziest run you've done so far?
Hellrunner! But my god was it a laugh and very very wet. I think about half way round Lee and I went through a very large puddle that unfortunately had me face-planting it right in the middle while Lee looked on with a rather large grin on his face.

Me running Hellrunner

5. Why on earth are you doing the Greensand Way 2012?!
I don’t know. This is daft, right?

Greensand Way leading down from the Hurtwood towards Hascombe

6. Who are you raising money for?
Hmmm I think it’s going to have to be for Claire’s charity as we’ll be going through this together and would love to maximise the fund raising for her.

7. What's your most embarrassing running or sport story?
See Q4!

8. Which do you prefer?

A. Lee Evans (comedian) or Lee Latchford Evans?Lee Evans.

B. Craig David or PJ Harvey?Pj Harvey

C. Claire from Steps or Tina Turner?James Hetfield.

9. You're all billed as musicians as well as insane running type people. What are your rockstar credentials?
Lee will tell you he’s the biggest rock star because of his The Marrows being so famous! But actually I am. Listen to Belligerence, listen to the riffs, played Download, played with Skid Row etc etc. No need to say anymore on this!! 

Rock Star Dave colour matches Amp, Guitar and Hair like a pro

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