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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Greensand Way - A Prelude

What have Hamstreet and Haslemere got in common ?

The answer is about 108 miles of footpath called the Greensand Way. Part of its route lies within a few miles of my house.  I  took this picture this morning.

Greensand Way Marker near Hambledon

So What's this blog about ?

This blog will contain entries from three people .Combined, Claire, Dave and I (Lee) will be like some three headed Cerberus barking along the Greensand Way. Although we are three very different people in height, looks and background we share a number of things in common, we are all musicians and runners and more significantly we have all three lost a lot of weight in recent years.......roughly the equivalent of a whole person when combined.

This blog will detail our combined thoughts and plans and training leading up to us running the entire  Greensand Way in one weekend. Starting in South of Ashford in Kent and finishing in a pub in Haslemere a few days later.

You want to do WHAT ?! (posted on daves fb page today)

I run offroad everyday. I am very lucky to live near Winkworth Arboretum in a very beautiful rural part of Surrey.

Photographic proof that I am tall

I once took Dave on a training run for the Hellrunner Event  (our first ever competitive running event) and we ran for a bit on the Greensand Way as part of that training . Whilst running I told him of my dream to run the whole 108 miles in one weekend.

Daves first off road run near the Greensand Way

Im also a member of the Guildford Hash House Harriers (ill explain hashing in another post) and run regularly with Claire (hasher name Scrum Muffin) . During a run with Claire I told her of my dream to run the whole 108 miles of the Greensand Way in one weekend.

Scrum Muffin on a Hash

Dave texted me recently and said 'lets run the greensand way '

Claire sent a similar text at a similar time.

So this is us nailing our balls to the wall and shouting as loud as we can that we are going to run The Greensand Way

looking down from Hascombe Hill onto part of the Greensand Way

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