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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Soundtrack to Daves Greensand Way Run

Again because of computer troubles Lee has listed my next blog entry about the soundtrack to my Greensand Way Run

1.A song to set off to at the start of our epic run.

‘I’ll be ready’ The Baywatch Theme Tune! Cheesy epic start to any race/night out.

Greensand Way marker in The Hurtwood

2. A song for running over scenic hills.

When the Levee Breaks by Led Zeppelin. One of my fondest memories involves looking over mountains in Spain whilst drinking Brandy listening to this song. It’s so unbelievably epic!

3. A pick me up song when your blood sugar is low and your knees are weak and you have a few miles to go.

The training tune from the Rocky films! Haha

4. A song for entering a 'local' pub , suspicious of us.

Strange Brew by Cream….. Need I say anymore.

5. A danger / peril song.

The Imperial March. Has to be!

6. A.crazy times funny times silly times song.
Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5. It’s daft and I hate pop music but it’s so CATCHY!! And makes me want to dance!

7. Something from a film or dvd or story that inspires you.
Can it be a music DVD? If so then defo Bleeding Me off of Metallica’s S&M, amazing. Film wise I would just be happy to have the dialogue to Beerfest on!

8. A mellow song to fall asleep to after a hard days running.
Sunn o))) Any song. It’s so heavy and doomy it’s gone full circle and is chilled out and euphoric. They’re like ‘the eternal omm’ on guitars.

Moon over the Greensand Way near Hambledon

9. A song to run into Haslemere and finish the run to
Reel Big Fish – I think I’ll Have Myself A Beer. Obviously! But as they’re rubbish I’d turn it off and put on Metallica, whatever album is closest. Or ‘Home Sweet Home’ by Motley Crue, I can’t decide!

Arriving at the White Horse at Hascombe on the Greensand Way

10. A retrospective song looking back on the whole run.
Difficult. Errrrm I’d just say it would be Belligerence ‘Now Here’s Your Secret’ because they’re great and the riffs are amazing ;) and they’ve not got in one of these yet somehow!

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  1. I've got the Baywatch theme tune on my running playlist! Wow, I thought it was just me :)