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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Lees Running Soundtrack

One of the suggestions for a blog from each of us was to list our top ten songs to make up our soundtrack to the greensand way run. When completed all 30 songs can be combined to form an ultimate Greensand Way Run Soundtrack to listen to whilst training and on the event.

We had to give reasons for our choices and we were given a guide for 10 song 'types' we might consider. I went out this morning and test ran these songs and only made one change. Today was also my first day running with a 5kg rucksack on and it was much harder than usual.

You can click on the blue links for the song titles to take you to a youtube video of each song.

A pic taken on todays run through Busbridge Woods

1. A song to set off to at the start of our epic run.

This took a lot of thinking and then like a lot of things the answer became obvious. Pink Floyds 'Run Like Hell' has a great running beat laid down by Dave Gilmours guitar with delay. They are one of my favourite bands and the lyrics sum up what the Greensand Way is all about.

2. A song for running over scenic hills.

For this I choose Led Zeppelins 'Over the Hills and Far Away' . Not only does it have an obvious title but I love Jimmy Page as a guitarist and it has such a cool groove in the middle ( and mandolin and 12 string guitar at the beginning and end which are both instruments I bought this year)

Sheep with sunrise on Vann Hill on the Greensand Way

3. A pick me up song when your blood sugar is low and your knees are weak and you have a few miles to go.

For this I choose Belligerences song 'One Things Clear' which is a great 'cheesy riff song' as described by my good friend Craig Copland. Its got some Ok ish guitar work on it.

4. A song for entering a 'local' pub , suspicious of us.

I know Kent well. I spent 4 great years in Canterbury when I was at University. What Kent does well is Pubs......and Oast Houses....and Pubs....and Nuclear Power Stations....and Pubs. Many of the pubs i went to in Kent were very old and full of suspicious locals. I can easily imagine this song 'Man of Constant Sorrow' playing as we walk in dusty and covered in lycra and dressed 'like some folk from the city of men' hungry for local food a a refreshing pint.

5. A danger / peril song

If i was in peril somewhere in the Kent/Surrey countryside Id like to think these guys would be there for me with duct tape for that ripped tent, a calf rub with ralgex for my tired cramped leg, or a mars bar and bottle of water. I love the beat of the march. I loved this show as a kid. I love its intrinsic post war britishness. its F A B . Thunderbirds are GOOOOOOOOOOO!

6. A.crazy times funny times silly times song.

I love arabic music. I also speak a small amount too. I have to include Cheb Khaled s 'Alech Taadi' in this list. The song is featured in a 'car chase' in one of my favourite movies The Fifth Element. Im also a big fan and facebook friend of Charlie Creed-Miles who played the younger priest in the film and is also the lead singer of North of Ping Pong who are a band im also crazy about. The Luc Beson film is colourful, bonkers and brilliant. The french sound will also appeal to half gallic Claire.

7. Something from a film or dvd or story that inspires you.

I grew up with Roger Moore as 'my' James Bond. I love Bond films. They are British , full of gadgets, cars, girls and bad guys. Picture the scene.......hes skiing down a mountain......the bad guys shooting at him and just as you think he has fallen off the mountain and is going to plummet to his death.....the union jack parachute opens and the music starts. I give you the amazing Carly Simon singing 'Nobody Does it Better' from the film The Spy Who Loved Me. A song nearly as old as I am.

8. A mellow song to fall asleep to after a hard days running.

This sprang to mind very quickly. Its ZZ Tops 'Asleep in the Desert'. For a moment forget the 80s cheesy pop rock and listen to why Billy Gibbons is one of the best guitarists alive. Imagine falling asleep round the campfire in the USA to this.

9. A song to run into haslemere and finish the run to

The video to this song is about a 'ride' . Its a journey with friends without cars. There is nothing I dont like about this song or the band. I give you 'Kings and Queens' by 30  Seconds to Mars.

10. A retrospective song looking back on the whole run

One of my favourite bands and one of the best albums of 2011. I listened to this a lot running last year. So I happily include Incubus 'Adolescents' in this list. I could write a whole separate post about this band.

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