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Thursday, 17 May 2012

A Big Mouse, More Swinging, Hash, Beer and Sharing my Teat

It was hashing time again on Monday. We met up in Knaphill (which wasn't that hilly and had no chance for a nap) for a nice evening run. Scrum Muffin (Claire) had invited a friend called Mouse along. He was the biggest mouse I'd ever seen.

Guildford Hash House Harriers setting off in Knaphill 
With the weather improving we noticed just how many hashers there are (you can see further when its not dark). It could also be that some of the club are 'fairweather' hashers but this is highly unlikely as this wouldn't be in the hashing spirit. ......

Scrum Muffin Sminging - smiling with your swing 

We couldnt resist some swinging as we ran past a kids playground area. Ultimately this cost us a 'down down' of beer at the end but was well worth it.

Our happy Hare on the Hash with her container of flour

We got lots of comments as usual about the packs on our backs. Anyone that asked happily got our new 'business card' for the Greensand Way. The cards are great and have links to this blog and our charitygiving site. Mouse liked the fact that I was basically carrying supplies for everyone and took advantage of this by sucking on my teat when he was thirsty.

Mouse has a go on Little Peckers teat

We love the surprise factor of hashing. One of the best surprises is when a beer stop happens and we got one at the hares house. Its always funny to be in an upmarket neighbourhood in knaphill with loads of sweaty men loitering round outside a house and spilling out onto the pavement drinking beer.

Suburban Hashing Beer Stop
Most of the hash was running through fields and woods around Knaphill but there were some areas where we ran through some housing estates. Scrum Muffin was pleased to see a close named after her Guide Leader Name 'Raven'

Scrum Muffin visits Ravens Close named in her honour
We ran on a bit chaotically through some more woods and eventually saw the sweet sign that we were nearly finished. the On Inn! After last times planking it was Scrum Muffins time to pose with the finish sign.

Scrum Muffin posing with the On Inn Hashing sign in Knaphill
It was a nice straightforward 4.7 mile run that evening. No real dramas and no major hills which was great. Loads of shiggy though (mud and 'terrain'). Its always great to have new visitors and although Mouse couldn't stay for the pub he promised to come again next week when Scrum Muffin and I are going to be the Hares ! We are setting the hash from the White Horse Pub in Hascombe. Why not come along? we start at 7.30 pm from the car park. 

Otherwise please visit our website at

On On 

Little Pecker 

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