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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Loads of Hash in Lees Garden

It was hashing time again on Monday night. This was to be a special hash for Scrum Muffin (Claire) and  Little Pecker (me) as we were setting the hash. We chose the White Horse at Hascombe as the 'On Inn' so that Guildford Hash House Harriers got to experience a little that the Greensand Way has to offer.

Little Pecker was the 'Live Hare' at the White Horse on the Greensand Way
We scouted out the route the night before and decided that we would spice things up a bit by having me set the hash Live (remember In The Bum did it in a previous blog?) . This meant I would set off only about 15 minutes ahead of the hashers and lay the trail as I ran.

Scrum Muffin was 'check in chicken' at the white horse on the Greensand Way
Scrum Muffin was to be Check in Chicken which meant she stayed near the back and made sure the stupid/lazy/knitting club/elderly hashers made it back alive. This is not a job for the feint  hearted, you need good CPR and first aid skills as well as severe patience.

Some runners from Amsterdam Joined us on the Hash at the White Horse at Hascombe on the Greensand Way

It was great to see some new faces (visitors) as usual. There were even two chaps from Amsterdam who were in for quite a shock when they were to meet some 'uphill' terrain they had never experienced before.
Little Pecker lays the flour trail in Busbridge Woods

So off I went at 7.15 pm. running as fast as I could I went straight up the Hurtwood on the Greensand Way before diverting across it towards Little Burgate Farm. Laying little flour marks and 'checking' circles as I went. Music in my headphones blaring I was determined they wouldnt catch me!

Flour trail near Little Burgate Farm
15 minutes later and the main hash was off charging (and moaning) up The Hurtwood too! By this time I was well past Little Burgate Farm and working my way towards Busbridge Woods and a surprise for the Hash at the Halfway mark.

Hasher at sunset at Little Burgate Farm near the Greensand Way

As Scrum Muffin kept things calm at the rear of the pack the guys at the front found themselves climbing a very steep path I call the treasure path and bursting out in to someones garden! 

Guildford Hash House Harriers at a beer stop in Hascombe at Little Peckers House.

The Garden was mine and they found me relaxing there with a little beer in hand welcoming everyone to the halfway mark and a beer stop. Always a welcome surprise on any hilly run.

Useful signpost near Hascombe near the Greensand Way 

It was nice for me to leave my garden with the group and continue on back towards the White Horse. We ran them out through a part of Hascombe Grange and back down towards Hascombe. Eventually we popped out back by the pond at Hascombe where the Hashers rejoined the Greensand Way for the final sprint back to the car park.

hashing flour marks at the pond in hascombe on the Greensand Way
We marked the end of the run with the usual 'On Inn' and signed it off LP for Little Pecker and SM for Scrum Muffin.
Flour trails marking the hash on the Greensand Way 
The hashers all said they really enjoyed a very scenic run so we were very pleased.  We even found out from the bar man at the White Horse that he used to hash in Russia in Moscow through Gorky Park!

There are so many beautiful trails in this area we are bound to bring the hashers back here again soon. In the meantime it felt fitting that we were there  less than two weeks before our main run in a place where we had trained, done an Easter Runday and led 2 hashes. 

There is a small chance some of the flour may still mark the way when we do our actual run on the Jubilee weekend.

On On !

Little Pecker 

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