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Friday, 4 May 2012

Hash, Dogging , Trig Planking, Swinging, Beer, Cake and Strumming a Little One in the Pub

Monday was Hashing with the Guildford Hash House Harriers. The hash met up in a pub car park in Westhumble. Popeye was the hare so we knew we were in for a treat. The last hash he led involved us being in a row boat across the Guildford Canal in santa hats so we were expecting some surprises.

typical running kit on a hash

When you get to the car park and you notice the hare has been setting a trail that required a lifevest, grapling hook , karabiners and a divers knife you outwardly smile and inwardly panic.

Popeye explained that the original plan was to end the hash with a 300m rope run down a very steep part of the hill and across the river......but.....when he laid the trail the river was so deep and strong from all the rain he had got his arm caught and been dragged under and very nearly drowned.

Popeye made it VERY CLEAR that the advanced route he had laid was OFF LIMITS because it was suicide. And in hashing speak suicide means suicide and then some.

Claire back on the North Downs Way at Box Hill

It was great to be back on the North Downs Way after our Sunday Runday the day before. We were further east this time and having found the previous run about 'flat and samey' this was about to be the opposite.

Claire running up Box Hill on the North Downs Way

We crossed a bridge and began a flour trail leading up Box Hill......and I mean up. We climbed and climbed and climbed and climbed and climbed and climbed and climbed (and when I was not in sight of anyone I slowed to a walk and got my breath back) and climbed and climbed and climbed and climbed and climbed and climbed and climbed and climbed.

Google Phenomenom Lee Trig Point Planking on Box Hill

The climb was well worth it. The view was another great one, but better than that we saw a Trig Point . I was dancing around with glee in front of a bemused family eating a mcdonalds on a bench. They slurped milkshake as the guy with half of Field and Trek on his back started to 'hump' the trig point and shout 'am I straight?' 'do I look plankly enough?'

Claire Trig Point Planking on Box Hill on the North Downs Way

I got a well deserved rest taking a picture of Claire planking as well. Hasher 'Ponce' was unimpressed with our antics and made a note in his naughty book which got us a down down later that night. my explanation that 'we were one of the highest ranking google hits for 'trig point planking' pictures fell on bewildered ears.

'Sminging' - smiling with your swing

As we ran through 'liquor box' *fnar* on the top of Box Hill we also found a swing so we had a go at a bit of swinging and I played 'Nigel' to Claires 'Tyra' .

Hash Dog on Box Hill

Ive hashed before with a few dogs and always found them quite annoying. They charge about, are buggered when we reach a stile and usually lost ffor ages.  On this hash though we met a new hash dog who was ace. He even seemed to understand the shout 'On On' and go bombing off along the trail. We reckoned he has been trained to sniff out flour.

Guildford Hash House Harriers running across Box Hill on the North Downs Way

At the peak overlooking Westhumble we paused for a well deserved Beer Stop. Popeye was standing infront of the 'advanced' route that we couldnt take anymore. I took a quick peek and it looked terrifying. It reminded me of some abseiling I did in South Africa once. Glad we didnt do it.

Popeye guards the 'advanced route' on the beer stop.

We then enjoyed a gentle descent without anyone dying or drowning towards the pub we parked in called the Stepping Stones.

Hash On Inn sign planking by lee

I got some On Inn planking done (and a sneaky power nap) and claire did some 'Smubwaying'

Claire does a Smubway

It was hasher 'Glob' s birthday recently so we got cake in the car park as well as the usual Beer. He had also got a ukulele for his birthday and had asked Claire to set the intonation ( make sure all the notes play perfectly in pitch on each fret) by gently filing the nut and using a tuner. Once in tune and playing well the pub was treated to a Johnny Cash number by Claire.

Claire plays a bit of ukulele in the pub
I reckoned this was the most scenic Hash we've ever done. Claire pointed out it was the first hash Ive ever done that was daylight all the way through. It was great to mash ukuleles with hashers again, we are doing our 'hashjam' run in 3 weeks time. It was also great that the North Downs Way got a chance to showcase a hill that was a worthy opponent for Leith or Holmbury Hill.

This week is going to be a great varied week for training. Later this week Claire and I get to run along some of the Cornwall Coastal Path, taking in the Cliffs and Sea Views (and keeping an eye out for Basking Sharks).

 I must remember to pack my lifevest, grapling hook, karabiners and divers knife......

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