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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Why are we doing this?

Why are we doing this run? Why are we asking you for money?
Good questions.

The charity we're raising money for is Scout and Guide expedition Tanzania 2012, being run through Hampshire County Scout Council. The exped is a project whereby 39 Scouts, Guides and leaders are going to Tanzania in August to build and complete a medical centre in a village called Itete. We will be working with African Space Trust, the charitable arm of the company African Space, and the local residents and the father of the village church, to ensure this project all goes smoothly and is exactly as the locals want it to be.
The more money we raise, the more we can do in this medical centre and dispensary, and it even gives us the possibility of being able to stock it with medical supplies for the 9000 people living in and around the village.

It's an opportunity of a lifetime for the young people who are all working hard to fundraise towards this project, and it's an absolute privilege to be going with them - I am a very proud leader of a fantastic bunch of young people.
This is where your cash is going. Straight into bricks, mortar and sterile equipment, directly helping people who have suffered with very poor medical facilities, and providing these volunteers with a life experience they will work their hardest on and keep the memories forever.

There'll be wards with beds for people to be looked after. A separate maternity ward. Children's ward. Consultation rooms. There'll be educational services for things like malaria and HIV. There'll be vaccination services so people can be protected from diseases that are rife in Tanzania, but easily preventable.

That's why we're running.

That's why you're giving.

Thank you to everyone who's given generously so far - you help us put one foot in front of the other when it all gets too much!

If you've not given us a couple of quid yet... here's the link.

Thank you so much.

Claire xx

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