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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Bunkers on a Lizard, Segways, Panoramas and Salty Wet Feet

We started our training run early on bank holiday Monday . This was because we had a date at 10.30am sharp at Goonhilly to go off road segwaying. (yep you read that right)

lee running on the beach at Kennack Sands on the Lizard on the South West Coast Path
We ran East this time from our campsite and only had an hour of running because we had to pack and leave the caravan by 10am. We ran down to the beach at Kennack Sands past the Crig a Tana rocks and towards the clifftops in the distance. The beach is criss crossed with freshwater streams and very pretty. It was good to be at 'beach level' that day rather than the previous run where we were 'cliff top' for the whole run.

Claire looks back at our campsite in the distance at Kennack Sands on the South West Coast Path

When we were running (and jumping over streams) at beach level we both felt we were part of the coast more than being up high. Our feet were wet and salty , we could smell the sea and hear the seagulls.

Claire running up the very steep path up Eastern Cliff on the South West Coast Path

The climb up the cliff path to the top was very steep and sandy which meant we were back to our old 20 minute per mile pace again. We were often going at less than walking speed to go up the 'steps' made of rocks.

Lee gets to the top of the Eastern Cliff on the South West Coast Path
The view from the top was as good as the Saturday run. I took my new phone out and used it to take a panorama photo which was something I hadn't thought of doing before. The result was great. We get to see some amazing views on our training runs and I often feel the camera photos look great but never do the views true justice. This Panorama does. (also can you spot Claire in the pic?!)

Eastern Cliff Panorama from the South West Coastal Path.
Time flew by. We are used to long training runs so an hour goes by in no time. We had to be back on time so after 30 minutes we reluctantly turned round and headed back to Kuggar.

Claire crosses a fresh water stream in Kennack Sands Beach
The huge pebbles on the beach were hard work to run across, but we noticed that people had put concrete blobs into the beach to help cross the fresh water streams leading into the sea. We had been for a walk along the beach the day before so we knew there was a Type 22 Pill Box on the beach too. That means we have now run past them as far apart as possible -  Cornwall to Kent.

Our first Cornish Type 22 GHQ pill box on the South West Coast Path

The light was just right on the beach to reflect the waterlogged sand and our feet were already soaked so we took the opportunity to run through the surf and take a picture of each other. These pictures turned out to be some of the best we have taken on our training runs.

Lee Running Across Kennack Sands

Claire Running Across Kennack Sands

We ran back to the caravan really charged, we should have been sad that we were packing up to end our short holiday but instead the run put us in high spirits and we were excited about what we were off to do next .

Lee goes off road Segwaying at Goonhilly

We went Off Road Segwaying at Goonhilly for the rest of the morning and had a blast. We  found out that with a 30 mile off road radius per charge we could possibly use them for the Greensand Way........ If only we could find an easy way to get them over the stiles!

Claire goes off road segwaying at Goonhilly
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