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Friday, 2 March 2012

Addiction and ITB - Enough to Drive You to the Edge

This is a post from Dave that he has asked me to post.

I read recently that you know you have become a runner when you get jealous of other people’s runs! I should have seen the signs… subscription to Runners World, running tights (in fact I’ll change that to… great comfort wearing running tights!), hours reading websites about running and injury, buying a Camelbak and base layer and then spending a fortune on new trainers.

|Dave Harvey wearing his favourite 'comfort' tights

So I now have to admit it, I am a runner… or am I?

Dave Harvey Contemplates 'am I a runner?' on the Greensand Way Gibbet Hill

3 weeks ago on an early morning 6 miler I became aware of a rather horrid tightness and then intense pain in my right knee. Normally I will just run through a twinge but this was different and stopped me in my tracks. In true ‘David’ style this occurred at the furthest point away from home that I could possibly get on my run so begain the long arduous walk back home. And then subsequent sulking (and I’ve not stopped). For the past 3 weeks I think I’ve managed to read every website and piece of information out there on running injuries and all have pointed to the same thing… Illio Tibial Band Syndrome, what some websites will refer to as the runners equivalent to cancer!

The 'Sciencey Bit' of Daves Knee

Tightness down the side of the quads and then pain over the femoral condoyle in the knee. Believe me it bloody hurts! No I am no doctor, in fact I’m a Mental Health Nurse working in Substance Misuse (those that know me… STOP SNIGGERING), but it was obviously ITBS!

Substance Abuse - eating too many Jelly babies can have an adverse effect

 I have spent the last 3 weeks going to the gym spending time on treadmills, rowing machine and the cross trainer to try and keep some dignity and keep ‘fit’. After a few non-runs that lasted a few feet I tried buying Glucosamine & Chondroitin that allegedly helps with joints (I was desperate for a cure).

Chondroitin - extracted from Cows.....can have side effects on the Greensand Way

Things settled down apart from my mood and immense jealousy at Lee, Claire and Dan (Dan had recently done a mega 28 miler that left me dying inside!).

Dan had nothing but the Swans to keep him company on his epic 28 mile Portsmouth Run

The causes are many but seem to be problems like increasing mileage, gait imbalances, wrong trainers, running on crowned roads etc etc. It’s basically for people who think they can run further than they really should and do it in a stupid way <<<< ME. So, like the patients in crisis I see on a daily basis I had to tell myself ‘I need to change’.

Greensand Way Marker near Hindhead

So….. 3 weeks of foam rollering, stretching, strengthening and praying; things seem to be back on track. Sunday was my first run of 4.5 miles and was very very painful so spent lots of time applying ice and taking ibuprofen. This morning I felt somewhat optimistic so got up at the same time of 6am as I used to and did my ‘little 30 minute wake up’ around Southsea (about 3 – 3.5 miles). I’m so pleased that I did it, there was pain but it was mild and concentrated on my running form. Chuffed. I’m Back. Fingers crossed please!

2 fingers to pain - Finishing the Greensand Way in Haslemere

Now… it remains to be seen if it can settle down enough for me to train well enough to complete this but I’m determined not to give up. I want to complete this experience and enjoy the training with Lee, Claire and Dan and have a good laugh on the way. FINGERS CROSSED PLEASE!!!

Sorry it’s all about me so….. donations please!

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