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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Hash , In The Bum, More Toilet Pics and Noobie Pete

Monday nights are either Ukejam or Hashing. Thats the law. This week it was a Hash week with the Guildford Hash House Harriers

Scrum Muffin, Me (Little Pecker) and Loose Article jumped in Genevieve (my car) and headed out to meet in Sheepleas car park in West Horsley for 7.30pm. This Hash trail was set by 'In the Bum' . Named because his surname is Payne.


Hashing with the Guildford Hash House Harriers in West Horsley on the Jubilee Trail

We started off the hash with a new visitor to the group called Pete. Scrum Muffin and I were running with our full weighted Greensand Way Rucksacks so the run was quite hard.

I was determined to be a front running bastard this week so quickly ran ahead to join the 'On On' calls from the front. I happily ran at the front calling the rest of the group on as I noticed each new marker. .........

I called 'On On ' as I saw white bird poo I thought was flour.....

I called 'On On' every time I saw crushed chalk stones on the paths that I thought was flour  .....

I led a group of runners totally the wrong way.

But I did it VERY enthusiastically.

I often wonder if the Hash runs we are going to do are going to be worth blogging about, but as usual we had only been running through the woods for about ten minutes (following flour this time) when we came across a toilet in the woods that we took the opportunity to get another photo of us like the now famous 'Dorking Bog Shot'

West Horsley Scrum Muffin  Bog Shot

Pete was very keen and learnt about following the flour trails, that the flour circles mean you have to run out all the paths to find which is the right one, and what all the shouts of 'on on' and 'checking' and 'are you?' refer to.

Which Way ?

Smortching - Smiling with your torch . Lee with Noobie Pete

 Taking photos in the dark when running along isnt easy. The auto focus goes all over the place but we managed to get a pic of me and Pete 'Smorching' smiling with our torches. Even if I look totally manic in the photo.

Scrum Muffin and I manage to talk relentlessly while waiting at check points to find out which path is the right one. What this means is that when a runner finally finds the right route and shouts ' on on ' from a large distance away we always miss the call....and carry on talking. Luckily Popeye was 'checkin chicken' ( checking the back of the hash group for stragglers)  and bullied us onwards ( there was debate at the end that he may have laid more of the trail than In the Bum by the end of the run)

Like many Greensand Way runs we got the photo opportunity with viewpoint markers (although not a lot to see in the distance on a starry cold night)........

........and the end of the hash was marked by the On In sign and in the circle in the Car Park Scrum Muffin and I had to drink 'Down Downs' for sinning (this time I think it was for running with rucksacks and talking too much). There was the admission of a serious tumbling tosser and someone even left their trainers in the car park and drove off to the pub without them.

More Proof I am Tall at the King William IV pub in West Horsley

The pub afterwards was the nearby King William IV. I liked it very much as it had low ceilings and doors and made me feel normal height.

It was whilst talking to Pete in the Pub that we came to realise we share a few friends. We were even more amazed when he said he couldnt come running next week as he was going to a thing called 'Ukejam'

The Hash House Harriers are always keen to have new people join. Even if, Like Scrum Muffin and Little Pecker, they can only come every other week due to Ukulele commitments. Hashing is a real highlight for me and a very fun and social way to do exercise with likeminded people who share our 'sports drink' philosophy.

Oh.....and dont forget our page!

On On !

Little Pecker

Beer In the Bum

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  1. Lies and bloody slander, that wasn't my first run since the 55 mile weekend, you big lie-writer.