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Friday, 2 March 2012

Getting to know the late comer

here's ten quick questions to help you get to know me a bit better

1. Give us a short history of your running or fitness experience. Are you a typically sporty person?

I have been running on and off for quite afew years but never taken it too seriously, I usually pick it up in the summer to get fit and then loose interest when it starts to get cold and dark but last year I decided to carry on as I was enjoying more than ever,

minus a few injuries i've been running weekly since the end of september and hope to keep it up for a good while yet.
2. All of you have lost a good chunk of weight. What was your top weight, and how much do you weigh now?

I've always been pretty slim just getting a bit of a gut in the winter months due to lots of sitting and weekend indulgence, now that i'm jogging all the time I can sit and enjoy myself without worrying about it so i'm pretty happy.

3. What kind of mileage do you run per week currently?

I keep upping my morning runs as I try to get fitter for the big one, at the minute i'm doing 7-8 miles a day during the week and a minimun of 13 miles on saturday or sunday leaving one day off to relax.
I've just started to run with a weighted bag which I'm strangley enjoying.

4. What's the longest or craziest run you've done so far?

Afew weeks ago I decided to do two laps of portsmouth which is roughly 30 miles, I set off at 5am and finnished at 9.30 which i was really pleased about and was also good timing as I had to be somewhere at 10.

It was a nice run but challanging in places especially eastney shore before sun rise as it was pitch black and I slipped up on ice afew times and ran into a soggy ditch which was a pleasant way to start my day.

my legs nearly gave up on the final stretch but I managed to run through it and I rewarded myself with a hearty fry up.

5. Why on earth are you doing the Greensand Way 2012?!

Dave talked me into it.....but I'm glad he did as I'm really looking forward to it.

6. Who are you raising money for?

Its going towards a medical centre being built in Tanzania, Claire is part of a group taking 33 youngsters out there which sounds pretty amazing for everyone invovled and for everyone it will help.
7. What's your most embarrassing running or sport story?

I can't think of anything too embarrassing that has happened whilst jogging, running into the soggy ditch would have been one but there was nobody around to see it.

8. Which do you prefer?
A. Lee Evans (comedian) or Lee Latchford Evans?

Lee Latchford Evans, purely because Lee Evans iritates me 

B. Craig David or PJ Harvey?
Craig David he's a winner....

C. Claire from Steps or Tina Turner?
Claire from steps, I thought long and hard about this one and came up with nothing so she will do. 

9. You're all billed as musicians as well as insane running type people. What are your rockstar credentials?
I don't think this question applies to me, I'm more of a groupie than a rockstar

10. You're all going to be spending a long weekend together at the end of this. Who do you think would win in a fight between the other two runners?

I'll go with Lee on this one.

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