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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Please Remove this - The First 55 miles of shockingly bad photos on the Greensand Way

So. if you've read the previous blog about our Greensand Way Dictionary youll understand what we mean by a 'Please remove this' pic.

Now that we have run all of the Surrey stretch of the Greensand Way we thought we would celebrate with our top ten countdown of the worst pics you never got to see.....

....until now!

Please forward this blog to as many people as you can. With enough views these 10 images will be the top ten image results for those searching for the greensand way.

10.  The ' Tyra Banks Head to Toe Pose'

Claire Head to Toe posing on the Greensand Way near Hindhead

9.  The 'Looks like you've got a coke problem' shot

Lee getting hash named Little Pecker in Hambledon on the Greensand Way

8. The ' Two big to fit through the turnstile' Pose

Claire stuck in a Turnstile on the Greensand Way near Brook

7. The 'Greensand Way Isnt Always and Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty ' Scenic Shot.

The scenic insides of a type 22 Pill box on the Greensand Wat Near the Dolphin Pub

6. The 'Dont get caught playing with yourself ' Pose

Dave 'adjusting himself' on the Greensand Way near Leith Hill

5. The ' That thing in the background looks like its sticking out of your head' Pose

Lee Smignposting (smiling with your signpost) on the Greensand Way near Hydons Ball

4. The 'Necking 2 Pints of Sports Drink'  Snapshot

Claire enjoying a Pint in the Merry Harriers on the Greensand Way

3. The 'Like your wearing nothing at all Catalogue ' pose

2. the ' Nigel Barker missing limb ' pose

Lee posing in South Nutfield on the Greensand Way

So there you have the 9 worst photos in order of terribleness.

Those of a nervous disposition look away now.

Those brave enough may continue and scroll down to the worst pic taken so far.

Its not too late to look away

1. The 'You look like your 84 year old grandad ' pose

Lee after running 45 miles in 2 days on the Greensand Way, weighing about 5 stone, having hit the wall, and with no idea how he will manage the last 10 miles 

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