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Friday, 30 March 2012

Getting to know the Greensand Way

Its about time we shared with you what we have learnt about the Greensand Way so far.

G is for Gloves.

They are everywhere. Never in pairs. They can be found in trees, on the paths and sometimes on turnstiles. We have no idea whether they grow in the local area or are left as offerings to the Greensand Way God by ramblers. 

Gloves litter the Greensand Way

R is for a special Rambler 

Geoffrey Hollis conceived the route in 1982 which was extended to include the Kent section in 1989. He is effectively the father of the Greensand Way.

The full route of the Greensand Way

E is for Elevation

The total combined  climb for the Greensand way is over 11,000ft and includes the highest point in the South East at Leith Hill Tower.

Claire in Leith Hill Tower on the Greensand Way enjoying a Jaffa Cake

The elevation of the Greensand Way

We have a working rule for the Greensand Way paths when we are unsure which path to take ' if unsure its always uphill' This has proven true in almost every case.

Claire on a steep uphill on the Greensand Way between Dorking and Reigate.

E is for Ewhurst Windmill

There are at least 2 windmills on the Greensand way. We havent explored the Kent section yet so there may be more. Ewhurst windmill marks the midway point for us as we run across the Leith Hill, Holmbury Hill, Pitch Hill stretch of the Greensand way known locally (and slightly tongue in cheek) as 'Little Switzerland'

Dave meets the Ewhurst Windmill on the Greensand Way

N is for 'Nothing at Alls'

We love compression running gear. It has a lot of 'science' about muscle fatigue and blood flow and blah blah blah..... we dont care. We love that it holds you in.....makes you look more 'buff' and stops your muscles and legs and bum from going 'wob wob wob' in a dub step style. The problem with compression clothing is the constant nagging doubt that they have ripped or something because you just feel like you are wearing 'nothing at all'.
Ned Flanders wearing 'nothing at all'

S is for Sandstone

A very specific Sandstone called Greensand makes up the ridge which passes through Kent and Surrey after whch the Greensand Way is named. It is made up from Glauconite, a mineral which gives it its green colour and crumbly texture. Its slightly less edible that 'Pork Dust'.

Greensand Ridge near Hambledon on the Greensand Way

A is for Alternative Training to running the Greensand Way

You dont have to just run to train for the Greensand Way. Having got our free membership with Charterhouse Gym (for the next 3 weeks) weve been mixing up our training by attending some classes and doing some swimming. Its been ace! We are also going hashing next week in Portsmouth with Dave and Dan (blog to follow). As I write this Im still aching from my circuit training last night.

Claire and Lee getting a beasting at Circuit Training at Charterhouse Gym astroturf

N is for nutrition

We've had some real heroes and villains on the Greensand Way from an energy and food perspective. We love eating jelly babies and Sainsburys fruit jellies. we also like cheese doritos as they travel well and are salty. Catastrophic failures include pork scratchings ( cause of the pork dust incident) and lead weights which are both heavy and inedible and the cause of my first reh on our first ever Greensand Way training run to Gibbet Hill.

Jelly Babies - Little fruity joy on the Greensand Way

D is for donations

Dont forget why we are running the Greensand Way . You can donate here

W is for Walky Pills

We use stretching, compression clothing, special straps, shoe inserts .......but sometimes after running an ultra marathon only one thing helps...

The Chemical Structure of Pills that allow you to run the Greensand Way without any pain

sweet sweet walky pills.  Named because they allow you to walk again.

A is for Animals

Horses that try to kill you, Cows that watch you run by and Peacocks that show off. Not to mention all the noisy noctural creatures that kept us awake on our overnight camping.....and Sheep......lots of Sheep.

Cows on Vann Hill overlooking the Greensand Way

Sheep on the Greensand Way near South Nutfield

Y is for Yawning .

Not because we are bored. Far from it. But because we will be tired. Very tired, when we run the full 108 miles in one weekend soon.

Claire having a 'little yawn' at the Hellrunner event (where the idea of the Greensand Way run came together)

So there you have it. You now know as much as we do about the Greensand Way. Those of you who are very very clever will note that our list of topics spells out GREENSAND WAY.

 Arent we clever ?

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  1. That made me laugh, smile, grimace, eugh! and thank god you are doing it and not me.

    Lesley x.